What is mylo?

Mylo is an intelligent system that manages your placements and centralises your workload to a single app or home computer. He uses smart algorithms to recommend you for suitable locum vacancies based on your availability, distance and criteria. It’s quick and easy to manage your entire schedule and finances too, so with mylo consolidating, you have control.

With one dynamic registration, you’ll start receiving placement invites to your personalised dashboard and have access to all mylo’s benefits. You’ll enjoy simplified communications, and the handy ‘Chat’ feature allows you to contact coordinators directly before confirming a booking. Mylo will store and organise all the relevant details, including contact numbers and services, so everything is easily accessible and saved for future reference.

You’ll have full visibility of your ‘live’ bookings from your dashboard, and mylo will automatically schedule placements into your calendar after you’ve confirmed a booking. Keeping track of your income is also made simple as mylo saves all your information, and you can automatically generate invoices for the work you’ve done too. Let mylo do the work, he’s a clever bot.

Getting Started



Click the dynamic registration form. It’s quick to fill out, so you’ll be exploring all mylo’s benefits in minutes.



Receive an invite to download the Mylo app, making it easy to access information from anywhere.


Receive Invitations

Get ready to receive placement invites. When you accept, they'll automatically be scheduled in your calendar.


Complete Control

Enjoy managing everything relating to your bookings with just a few taps of your finger.


It’s quick and easy to get started with our dynamic registration. Spend just a few minutes filling out the application to enjoy all mylo’s benefits.
Gives total visibility of your ‘live’ bookings and allows you to quickly manage your availability; mylo automatically schedules placements into your calendar too.
The intelligent system recommends you for bookings based on your location, preferences and availability, so you’ll only receive invites for days you want to work.
Chat to coordinators directly, making it quick and efficient to get information about your bookings. Conversations are stored too, making it easy for you to refer back to.
It’s easy to organise your finances with mylo. Calculate and manage your expenses from place, and you can automatically generate invoices for the work you’ve done too.
Smart algorithms match and recommend you as the ideal locum based on distance, availability and criteria, so you’ll always receive suitable placement invites.


You can start using Mylo by completing a simple registration form, your application is then submitted to the pharmacy for approval, once approved you will start receiving invites!
Once the pharmacy has approved you as a locum, Mylo will start working on getting the rights placements for you! You won’t have to waste time processing unsuitable invites anymore, Mylo will only recommend you for placements based on your location, availability and preferences. This creates a much faster, more efficient system, and by teaming up with Mylo, you won’t ever miss another perfect placement opportunity.
Mylo sends the invites, but it’s up to you to manage your preferred rates. You can set your preferred rate by editing your profile and you’ll only ever receive invites that match the information you provide.
No, locums register and use Mylo for free!
Mylo isn’t an agency. It’s is a clever system that helps you consolidate and manage your locum workload. Mylo is the central home for locums, working with pharmacies to match the right locum to the right placement. It puts you in control.
If you have already confirmed a booking, you have a contractual obligation to fulfil the placement. But sometimes there are exceptional circumstances, and acting quickly and keeping communications open is the best resolution. Mylo keeps all the relevant placement information stored, so you can contact the pharmacy easily and directly to explain your situation.
Managing your availability is simple, Mylo’s calendar gives you the flexibility to block-out future dates by tapping them on the calendar; it automatically synchronises with invites too, so you’ll only ever be contacted for bookings that you are available for.
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